Out With the Old, In With the New!

Well, the 2.5RS is gone.

Last Saturday, a gentleman from Pella drove up to take ownership of the RS.  It was kind of a sad day to see my first Subaru go, but I wasn’t going to be out of the Subaru world for long.  As soon as he left, I went to the bank, deposited the check, and headed over to do a timing belt on my future 2004 WRX.

The friend of a fellow Subaru had some motor issues with his WRX and his fiance decided it was time to get rid of the car instead of putting more money into it.  Of course, I had been planning on getting a ’04-05 WRX since I first bought my RS, and the price was right so I jumped on it.  After a timing belt job, the car fired up and I drove it home.  This isn’t a Cinderella story yet as there are several issues that I need to address with the new car.  On the way home, I got a flashing check engine light indicating real-time misfires in the cylinders.  Pulling the codes verified that.  I was hoping that a new O2 sensor would fix the problem, but I’m still getting the misfires.  I guess I’ll have to do more work on figuring that problem out.

In addition to the misfire issue, the car also has a cracked windshield, needs a new passenger side mirror, has a suspension ‘clunk’ when turning right, needs some body work done on the B-pillar, and for a few months down the road, low compression in one of the cylinders.  It is okay for now as a compression test returned numbers in the 100-125psi range with optimal being 150, but you can definitely feel the motor shaking because of the off compression.  As you have no doubt figured out, this was the reason I got the car for so cheap.  I know my wife has her concerns, but I feel that I can slowly get the car back into pristine running condition and have a reliable car.

My primary goal now is taking care of the misfire problem so that I can start racing in autocross events in the STX class.  The RS was kept stock to save money.  I’m planning on doing some mods to the WRX to add some horsepower and am aiming to keep it legal in SCCA’s STX class where a few other fellow Subaru owners run.  Hopefully, it all works out and I’ll be dodging cones in no time.


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