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AccessPORT Fun

When purchasing my WRX, one of the things I was very excited about was that it came with a Cobb AccessPORT the previous owner purchased.  For the non-Subaru people out there, this nifty little device plugs into your car and allows different fuel, ignition, and boost maps to be loaded onto the car.  On a […]

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Out With the Old, In With the New!

Well, the 2.5RS is gone. Last Saturday, a gentleman from Pella drove up to take ownership of the RS.  It was kind of a sad day to see my first Subaru go, but I wasn’t going to be out of the Subaru world for long.  As soon as he left, I went to the bank, […]

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My Subaru is “Getting More G’s”

A few months back, I filled out my information for a Subaru “Get More G’s” antenna topper from their GMG campaign.  I thought the little tennis ball with his face getting peeled back was funny and I always love free stuff.  I finally got a package a couple of days ago from Subaru and couldn’t […]

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DMVR Fairgrounds Autocross

This past weekend was the season opening autocross for my home Des Moines Valley Region.  The event was held on the midway of the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  This is a great location because it offers plenty of viewing areas all around the course as well as plenty of foot traffic.  A gun show in one […]

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Nebraska Region Rallycross #1 at MAM

Sunday marked my second rallycross weekend in a row.  It works out pretty well since I don’t have much stuff to clean out of the car and my racing stuff is pretty much packed and ready to go from the previous outing.  The Nebraska race had me heading west towards the Iowa/Nebraska border.  I had […]

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Treadin’ Thin Ice Rallycross Recap

Sorry I’m a little late getting up a recap from the Cannon Falls race weekend.  I stayed at a friend’s house in Clear Lake, IA on Friday night.  Saturday morning, we headed for Cannon Falls.  There was almost no snow in Des Moines, and some piles left in Clear Lake.  When we arrived at the […]

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Preparing for Race Day

When thinking about the 2011 racing season, I wanted to be prepared in the event of any minor mechanical hiccups at the track.  I came up with a list of tools to take care of the Subaru should anything happen.  I started by picking up a cheap case at Harbor Freight.  That place is terrific […]

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